Trentino, land of castles, valleys and majestic mountains

 The area of Trentino always offers an array of great solutions that make it enjoyable all year round. Rivers, lakes, mountains, art heritage cities, astonishing views and a utterly remarkable wine and food tradition.

These elements are the ambassadors of the beauty Trentino has to offer. During their holiday in Trentino, tourists will find numerous occasions for both entertainment and relax, while on a hike, horse or bike ride or while wearing a nice pair of skis.

 Enchanting landscapes that never cease to amaze await to be discovered. From art to nature, this region has been able to maintain its precious traditions intact, just like it has managed to do with its vast cultural, historic and artistic heritage. A land studded with ancient castles, historical buildings and incredible works of art. An opulence and variety that can be enjoyed in the city of Trento.

 Enclosed within its mountains, the area of Trentino has been able to preserve almost intact its culinary tradition, made up of dishes that tourists can enjoy at a number of agritourisms and restaurants. Trentino represents an ideal touristic destination for every season of the year, and you will be able to enjoy its numerous folkloristic festivals where music, sounds and colors are still those of the ancient folk traditions of Trentino.

Valle di Fiemme/Fleimstal Via Prai de Mont, 52 - 38030 Bellamonte

Breathe in the pure air of the Fiemme Valley, explore the treasures that the Trentino has in store for the most curious travellers, and savour the taste of an authenticity that is totally natural.

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Valle di Fiemme/Fleimstal Via Mulini 20 - 38038 Tesero | Fiemme Valley

Hotel ideal for families, where mom and dad have the chance to relax and pamper themselves in the large wellness area, while children discover a fabulous world rich in fun and new friends.

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