Bicycle Route Brennero/Brenner – Bolzano/Bozen

There is a series of link of cycle routes in all directions of the city of Bolzano that covers as muchas over forty kilometers in distance. These series of routes, to and away from the city of Bolzano allows you to indulge yourself in the many amazing sceneries of the Aldo Adobe. Bolzano has a big net of cycle trails, eight bike trails where some more secondary bike trails begin. Bike hire is always available at the stations of Bolzano.


This series of eight cycle routes are located in and away from the city of Bolzano, leading to other municipalities in south Tyrol.


The name of the cycle route comes from the road built by the emperor Claudius, a Roman emperor, to link the north east of Italy with the Danube. The particular route of the old Roman road is not certain but this route was, and is still a major route for trading and the avenue of communication, along with cultural exchange that connects north of Europe with the Mediterranean and beyond that. Taking you through sudtirol and Trentino and into the Veneta, each are with its own distinct identity and history.

Sudtirol and Trentino are two most distinctive areas of Italy, with the Sudtirol being predominantly a German speaking area while the Trentino is an Italian speaking area.

Bike routes

The Bozen cycle route through the valley of Isarco is a pleasure tour offering a picturesque scenario. Small town, rolling hills and cultural treasures lines this bike route, heading from Brennero to the capitalcity of south Tyrol, Bolzano. The Brennero – Bolzano cycle route starts at the Brennero pass and moves along the former railway line, which is a downhill grade to Sterzing.The bike route continues, partly flat, up to Franzensfeste fortress, Lake varnish and through Kastanienweg trail towardsNovacella Abbey and then towards Bressanone/Brien. The section from Brixen to Bolzano is a livelyroute through the valley of Isarco, with an interruption into the town of Klausen known for its top Hill Saben Abbey,and the route continues from there to the capital city of south Tyrol, Bolzano.

The Bozen Bike Route consists of three main cycle ways, all of them converge on Bozen. They include,

  • The via Claudia Augusta
  • The ciclabile del Brennero and
  • The other branch of the ciclpista del sole

 The viaClaudia Augusta begins at Donauworth in Bavariaand has a route to Veneta. In Italy, this route runs on the border of Remsen see with Austria and through the Val Venosta to the city of Merannoand to Bozen.

  • The ciclabile delBrennero moves with the Eisack river from Brenner and passes through Bressanone and Bolzano. This is a branch of ciclapistadel sole.
  • Another branch of the ciclopista del sole cycle way links Dobbin of with Lenz in Austria, and forms a part of eurovelo7. This section of the route continues through Austria, a part of Drauradweg and in to Maribor, Slovenia where it links with eurovelo9.

Starting from Bolzano, the routepedals initially heading south along the Isarco. Leaving the city through the orchards, we arrive at the fork and take the path right towards Merano. The cycle path follows the river Adige, crossing two levelsand then going directly on the east bank of the river (after the train station of Ponte Adige). The climb is not perceptible. Andriano, Terlano, Nalles, Vilpiano and Gargazon are neighbors to the path.

 At the station of Lana the routecontinues towards the village of Postal and from there along the road towards Sinigo, where you take the path towards Untermais, and after that the route leads to the outskirts of Merano. From here we head towards the center of the city or along the Adige to the Val Venosta.

  • Path: Cycle Val d'Adige

Starting point: Bolzano (245 m)

Arrival: Merano (330 m)

About 30 km (from Bolzano center)

Duration: about 1.5 - 2 hours

Altitude difference: 75 m, can not be perceived as distributed along the entire route

Train & Cycling: Regional trains with bike transport following limited stop at Bolzano, South Tyrol Bridge, Terlano, Vilpiano, Gargazzone, Lana, Postal, Maia Bassa Merano.

Links to other routes of the cycling network in South Tyrol:

Why take a tour on Bozen Bike Route

TheBrenner to Bozen Bike Routes are one of the amazing wonders of Bolzano. The Bozen Bike Route measures about forty kilometers in distance giving you a chance to ride to your fill. The bike routes have a lot of branches leading to other municipalities and thus encourage a lot of sites for tourism.