Skiing in Val di Fassa - a new futuristic cable car at Alpe Lusia

Alpe Lusia will reach the summit with a futuristic cable car to 10 seats.
The new Castelir-Fassane-Morea plant, to be carried out between May and November 2016, will get rid of 8 pylons from the slopes and offer more comfort and safety for children and the disabled. The environment and the view will gain immediate benefit. The creation of the gondola 10 places of Sit Bellamonte, which will be built between spring and autumn 2016, has three stations (downstream, intermediate, upstream) Landscape friendly, to fit into the natural environment in harmony. Replacing the two chairlifts Castelir-Fassane and Fassane-Morea, they will be deleted 13 supports moving from 28 to 15, all positioned outside of the ski area except one.




The gondola will respond to the security needs of all skiers, especially children. Also, it makes it easier skiing for the disabled who attend regularly tracks with specialized ski instructors association Sportabili Onlus of Predazzo. In fact, Bellamonte is nationally known for his sensitivity towards people with disabilities, supporting the association with sports courses and activities in winter and summer.


The spacious cabins to 10 seats will offer the ability to load sleds. The track "Fraina" dedicated toboggans, born in 2014, will be extended by 300 meters to bring it closer to Fassane intermediate station. In total, you can go tobogganing 2.1 km. The gondola is also ideal for summer. The area, in fact, is much frequented by children, attracted by the amusement park "Giro d'Ali", with ponds, bridges and rafts, and the educational trail "Frainus" that reveals the habits of native birds. The plant has greater margins of safety also for the elderly, as well as for the transport of strollers, bicycles, dogs. The new lift connecting the town Castelir (1550 m asl.) To locations Morea (1970 m asl.), Over a drop of 420 meters.