Toerggelen in South Tyrol, a Real Special Pleasure

Törggelen is the name of a South Tyrol’s autumn culinary tradition, particularly diffused in Burgraviato and Val d’Isarco. Törggelen allows people to further discover and enjoy the typical traditions and costumes of South Tyrol.

Törggelen is a pleasant way to experience the typical life of South Tyrol. Törggelen take place in typical places called Stubes, where the abundance of the harvest and the gifts of nature can be shared and celebrated following the typical local tradition and style.

The etymology of the word törggelen very likely comes from the Latin torculum,  tools used to press, squeeze and cut things.

The Törggelen tradition in South Tyrol is tied to the “pressing” of wine right after the vintage. It is likely this feast was occurred right after the vinification and was attended by peasants.

According to a legend, the South Tyrolean tradition of Törggelen developed when country people got tired of making people taste their own wine in small, humid cellars and started to do in stubes.

Tasting new wine was once reserved for relatives and neighbours, and with time it slowly turned into a popular, traditional event. Today, Törggelen in South Tyrol is a well established tradition that has been passed down over the centuries.

This folklore tradition has become a recurring appointment for many tourists who take advantage of the event to spend some time in this beautiful part of Italy. Wine and typical South Tyrolean cuisine can be fully enjoyed in old cellars and traditional lodging houses.

Besides wine, people have the unique opportunity to taste the local specialities such as Speck, barley soup or Strauben, the typical Tyrloean fritters with jam and Krapfen with ribes or poppy.

Törggelen is a feast where tradition and good food meet together, a great excuse to have a glass of great wine in good company while tasting specialities like smoked sausage, canederli, carne salada(salty meat)and the typical Tyrolean sauerkraut. To celebrate the harvest and taste the new wine right after the vintage, South Tyroleans celebrated Törggelen in autumn among neighbours and relatives. Today many tourists join the event as well.

In late autumn, locals and tourists meet to celebrate a happy Törggelen in South Tyrol. A unique experience, a great show warming both your heart and your stomach, an event that will be greatly enjoyed by gourmet and other enthusiastic people.