The Christmas Markets in Belluno

The Christmas market in Belluno is a great opportunity to experience the magic of such feast and discover the beauty of a city surrounded by an outstanding landscape
Located at the confluence of the Piave and Ardo rivers, Belluno is the gateway to Dolomiti. This Venetian location is surrounded by these amazing mountains, so amazing that Unesco declared them a World Heritage.
The Christams markets are therefore also an excuse to visit Belluno and admire its beautiful buildings, where typically northern shapes merge with the Venetian Gothic style, giving a unique effect. Not to mention the old fountains in the old city.
Christmas markets in Belluno offer a unique surround, like Piazza del Duomo, where outstanding palaces such as the Red Palace, the old Bishop Palace, the Palace of Justice and the Palace of Rectors.
Markets start as early as late November. People can find valuable things, all they need to celebrate their holidays at best. For instance, in the spectacular setting of the Piazza dei Martiri gardens, the very heart of Belluno, the Chsritams market features wooden stands with lights and Christmas decorations. The Belluno Christmas market offers handcrafted wooden objects as well as knitted ones. You can also find other interesting types of gifts as well as delicatessen and local and regional gourmet food.
Not to mention the first stops where you can taste our wonderful hot chocolate, hot sandwiches and mulled wine. The Belluno Christmas market also offers entertainment and games for children.
While browsing through the decorated lights and the typical wooden benches, the Belluno Christmas market allows visitors to enjoy the city and its treasures, like the marvelous Baroque Cathedral with its onion-shaped bell tower. Its dome is surmounted by an angel that, according to legend, is the work of Andrea Brustolon, a famous sculpture and a son of this wonderful city at the foot of Dolomiti.
While strolling through the Belluno Christmas market you will have the possibility to walk along the old Roman decuman streets all the way to the Saint Peter’s Church in perfect Baroque style, with works of art by Sebastiano Ricci and Andrea Schiavone, to name but a few, and the two famous anconas by Brustolon: the Crucifixion and the Death of Saint Francis.