Prösels Castle Presule

For any individual who has ever envisioned what it might have been want to have been a knight of old or respectable lady, a voyage through Presule Castle is a flat out must. The all-around saved Renaissance mansion with its house of prayer and gathering of weapons and reinforcement gives the perfect background to flights of extravagant.

Presule Mansion was created completely by the recent proprietor, Leonhard von Völs. The accumulation of weapons and shield in the Column Lobby and the Church of St. Anna are highlights of a visit to Presule Manor.



It is a palace in the Gothic style which remains on the high plain beneath the Schlern mountain, in South Tyrol. Prösels is an area inside of the metropolitan limits of the collective of Völs am Schlern (Fiè allo Scilia).



Prösels Castle was constructed around 1500 by Leonhard of Völs. Be that as it may, the starting points go back to the thirteenth century, when the Rulers of Völs were ecclesiastical rulers of the priests of Brixen. In that capacity they were permitted to manufacture a fortification on this slope. The focal piece of the royal residence with the Romanesque entrance and the keep are the first parts of the thirteenth century stronghold.


As indicated by the engraving over the external palace entryway, the great manor complex with the most present day guard innovation of the period was to a great extent finished in 1517 under Leonhard von Völs. Just few constructional changes were consequently made to the stronghold. Since 1982, it has been claimed by the 'Kuratorium Schloß Prösels GmbH' (Presule Palace Curatorship Ltd.), which gave the manor another lease of life.


Castel Presule is situated in a delightful scene on the privilege, somewhat before coming to Fiè allo Sciliar. The Medieval Palace has been said without precedent for a report going back to the year 1279 as "Castrum Presile". Be that as it may, the château should be developed around 1200 by the Rulers of Fié, however it was set up as it shows up today in the sixteenth century just. In those times Leonhard of Fiè the old palace was changed into a magnificent building, presumably this happened in 1517.



The honorability abandoned endless mansions, braced estates and refined nation houses.Church structures and religious communities from every expressive period bear affirmation to the devotion of Tyrol's general public.


Taking after Italy's addition of South Tyrol in 1919, new structures were described by Italian Realism, i.e., geometrical straightforwardness, functionalism, and saving utilization of ornamentation. This style was denied by the nearby populace as "occupier's building design". They depended on High rusticity and constructed by standards. Few innovator planners, for example, Othmar Barth succeeded in softening new ground up South Tyrol. A blast in development amid the 1970s created a plenty of tasteless cutting edge structures.


At last youthful draftsmen get another pattern under way, the fundamental standards of which included consideration in managing verifiable building fabric, the expanded utilization of neighborhood building materials and admiration for the encompassing structural planning.

The stronghold fit in with the Rulers of Völs until 1810. In that year the last individual from the family kicked the bucket and the manor stayed uninhabited for a long time. It almost fell into remains amid those years. From 1860 to 1978 the palace had 14 distinct proprietors, which was not favorable position, obviously.


Together with his engineer Schuster he restored the mansion in the way he assumed it had looked like in the medieval times.


The last private proprietor was a rancher's child from Terlan, a town closes Bozen. In 1951 he purchased the mansion and lived there for a long time. When he kicked the bucket in 1978, his siblings needed to offer it however it was exceptionally hard to discover a purchaser.


In this way in 1981 the ''Kuratorium Schloss Prösels'' ( Prösels Château Curatorship), a general public with the plan to protect the manor, was established, the stronghold was restored with the money related help of the nearby government and was opened to the general population.


Today shows and theater exhibitions occur in the mansion. You can get hitched in the sanctuary and praise you're wedding in the medieval rooms. Contemporary specialists display their works. Rather than paying rent they leave a canvas or a model in the mansion. We are presently going to climb the ""Sternturm"" (Star Tower) which goes back to Leonhard's age and is 500 years of age.



Amid the late spring months, notwithstanding the voyages through the château, various social occasions are held here, for example, shows, displays and dramatic exhibitions. At the point when joining in family visits, youthful and old alike can dress in medieval outfits and envision what it might have been want to have been a page or respectable lady. Presule Mansion likewise opens its entryways on three days in the winter to offer voyages through the noteworthy ordnances, sumptuous lofts and stunning winding staircases.


The scene of South Tyrol is more than shifted, the entire year round. The conditions for outside exercises are simply extraordinary. You'll be spoilt for decision: mountaineering, engine biking, skiing or tobogganing are just a portion of the potential outcomes that make you find nature, which ensures select encounters you won't ever overlook.