Festival of Saint Agata

Strigno February 2017
Category: Food and Wine
Information: Tourist Board Valsugana

 Every year in Strigno, in the Tomaselli hamlet, is the festival dedicated to Saint Agata. A celebration felt particularly in the Dolomite Mountain and which attracts a large number of the faithful and of people attracted by the presence of amazing food stands.

As well as dedicated to the Saint, the party offers also a wonderful opportunity to taste local specialties such as, for example, the delicious grostoli, typical sweets that women used to prepare for the carnival. Besides all that, the participants of the festival dedicated to Sant'Agata will also participate in an exciting evening of dances.
Strigno, now a hamlet of Castel Ivano, is located just over forty kilometers from Trento, and is a popular resort for its enchanting orchards, mild climate and beautiful landscapes. Visited by the Austrian bourgeoisie up until the 19th Century, Strigno was evacuated during the First World War, due to its proximity to the front.
The town, which was theater of ancient events, has also a historical center with refined architecture: it's important to visit the Church of the Immacolata, the Church of Loreto which houses the Black Madonna and, of course, the Chiesa di Sant'Agata in the Tomaselli hamlet.