Feast of the Blooming: the flavor of Maso

Lana April 2017

Pedestrian area, Piazza Gries

Lana di Sopra
Information: Tourist office of Lana and surroundings

The opportunity to join the party of blooming, the Maso (farm) flavors, will give you the chance know Lana, a charming town in the province of Bolzano, which is usually not among the most popular tourist place. Out from the broad masses destinations, Lana represents an interesting and engaging insight into the South Tyrolean life.
It's nice to remember that Armin Zöggeler, famous figure and luge champion, was born here. This original festival is a celebration of colors, flavors and tastes. For instance, there are many food stalls where farmers sell and exhibit the typical local products.
It is also an opportunity to tradition dishes from the old traditions such as, for example, fried potatoes with meat, noodles nettle soup enriched with croûtons spleen, but also dishes such as the classic liver dumplings and barley soup. For the lovers of sweets, you have to try the fantastic stuffed donuts.