Discover the reign of King Laurino

from Wednesday, January 11, 2017
to Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Meeting place: Meeting Point Skischool Carezza
Tourist Association Nova Levante-Carezza
Info: +39 0471 619520,

The province of Bolzano in South Tyrol, as well as being a natural beauty, is also particularly rich in myths, stories and legends. Today, the story of King Laurino can be brought back thanks to this incredible event.

It is therefore an unmissable event for all children.
The legend says that, between the rocky massifs of Catinaccio, there was a huge rose garden which King Laurin ruled, who also had two magic weapons. The first one was a hood with which would make him invisible, and the second one was a belt that gave him superhuman strength. Since he wasn't invited to the wedding between Similde, a beautiful young girl, and Hartwig, the king who ruled over all of South Tyrol, Laurino we went as invisible guest.

Amazed, the young damsel fell madly in love with him, to the point that he kidnapped her. Hartwig then asked for help to the king of the Goths, and along with the warriors he went to the Catinaccio. Laurino wore his belt and joined the fight. But, despite the strength given by the belt, he was losing.
At that point, he thought about wearing the hood that made him invisible. However, the knights noticed the moving of roses and eventually caught him. Laurino then cast a spell for which the human eye could never see the Rosengarten, either by day or by night, forgetting, however, the sunset.
Today the Catinaccio is tinged with beautiful pink on sunrise or sunset. This story, in all its glory, can be revived thanks to this wonderful event.