At the table with the Fairy of the Dolomites

Moena, Passo San Pellegrino March 2017
Moena, Passo San Pellegrino
Information: APT Val di Fassa

In a natural and landscape and a context of extraordinary intensity, takes place At Table with the Fairy of the Dolomites, an event where gourmets will experience new flavors and dishes inspired by the territory, are revisited with creativity, imagination, wisdom and refined professionalism of talented chefs and their unparalleled skills.
A valuable and exciting culinary event starring the beautiful Moena. Here you will find a perfect harmony of flavors from far away, form traditional cuisine and a new modern chef reinterpretations. A journey that allows participants to explore different horizons.
At the table with the Fairy of the Dolomites is a culinary path of unparalleled intensity that takes its start from the most authentic flavors of the Fassa Dolomites to bring you to discover new ways of seeing its traditional cuisine. The chefs working in At the Table with the Fairy of the Dolomites will have the opportunity to offer dishes that can exalt traditions and a more modern taste.
One of the strengths of the event, is to admirably combine the Ladin flavors with unusual tastes. In addition to sample dishes whose taste and mix accommodate various traditions, participants will have the wonderful opportunity to appreciate the excellent Trentino wines.