TheWine Road in South Tyrol

It is not easy to resist the charm of the wine road in South Tyrol. This route, from Nalles to Salorno, offers the indisputable pleasure of a magic pathway from the banks of the Adige River to the lowest part of Tyrol.

The wine road in South Tyrol is an enchanting route of about 70 kilometres across many interesting places in South Tyrol.

Designed in1964, the wine road in South Tyrol is one of the oldest itineraries in this area. A path offering the view of what seems to be an endless row of vineyards, for a total surface of 5,114 hectares, 4,250 of which are vineyards.

The wine road in South Tyrol starts in Nalles and crosses the flat land of the valley south of Bozeno, leading the tourist to Salorno. As for any other Italian route, the wine road in South Tyrol has a series of street sign, making its natural pathway easy to follow.

Along the route, tourists can also find street signs with important environmental, cultural and historical information and, last but not least, cellars and vineyards.

While on the wine road in South Tyrol, tourists have the opportunity to visit interesting places like, for instance, Andriano, a typical Tyrolean village at the foot of Mount Macaion, already inhabited at the times of the Romans and where important archaeological finds were founds.

Another interesting place along the wine road in South Tyrol is Appiano and its castles, about ten kilometres from Bozen. In Bronzolo, on the other hand, lies an old river port.

In Caldaro, famous location in South Tyrol, besides the vineyards and an excellent wine, people have the chance to relax along the banks of its lake, a favourite place for those loving surf and kitesurfing in the summer, which becomes a great natural rink for skating.

Another location worth a visit when travelling along the wine road in South Tyrol is Cortaccia and its church dedicated to Saint Vigil with a beautiful Romanesque bell-tower.

Other places along the very interesting wine road in South Tyrol are Cortina, Egna, Magrè, and then, in alphabetic order, Montagna, Nalles, Ora, not to forget Salorno, Terlano, Termeno and finally Vadena and Bozen.

A pathway dedicated to the beautiful world of wine in South Tyrol and also a chance to know the area and discover beautiful historical places and breathtaking landscapes in South Tyrol. In the end, every tourist along the wine road in South Tyrol will find inspiration, astonishment and last but least have a nice, relaxing time.