The reasons why people are fascinated by Sellaronda are indeed more than one. Sellaronda attracts many tourists for both its ski ways and being part of the famous Tour of the Four Passes, a favourite bikers’ route.

Besides that, Sellaronda, in the Dolomites, is also a magic place for the toughest mountain bike competition in the whole world.

The tour of Sella Ronda is a fantastic path throughout the year, to be enjoyed anyway you want: on foot, running, on your bike and skiing.

The route around the Sella Dolomites, between the Livinallongo, Val di Fassa valley, Gardena and Badia valley is known as Sellaronda, an itinerary for hiking, cycling and skiing, thanks to its modern ski lifts and slopes.

The skiing tour of Sella Ronda is a one of a kind experience, with its many skilifts surrounded by a breathtaking, snowy view, woods and rocks.

Going around Sella Ronda is very easy. All you have to do is reaching one of the four locations around the Sella massif. These locations are: Canazei, Arabba, Corvara and Val Gardena.

Sellaronda is 40 kilometres long. If you want to ski here you need to have a little practice, due to the average difficulty of the runs, for which a certain physical shape is requested. The Sellaronda runs can be completed in approximately ninety minutes, based on your actual skiing abilities.

The Sella Ronda route runs around the beautiful Chain of the Sella, attracting lovers of skiing, hikers and mountain lovers throughout the year.

The Chain of the Sella in the Dolomites is strategically positioned where most of the beauties of the Monti Pallidi (the Pale Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage) are best viewed. The Badia, Livinallongo, Fassa and Gardena valleys are a natural background to this unique and fantastic pathway.

Those willing to travel the entire Sellaronda will have the possibility to walk across Pass Sella at 2,240 meters, il Pass Pordoi at 2,239 meters, Pass Campolongo, 1,875 meters and Pass Gardena, at 2,121 meters of height.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Sella Ronda is that every step offers a unique view, and every pass makes it even more enjoyable and unforgettable. The Sella Ronda route is absolutely a must see.